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Local Services

In order to assist in the transitioning process and simultaneously provide a familiar setting where those we serve can meet and network with other individuals with similar goals and/or facing the same challenges, SCN works to provide training programs based on the current needs of the community it is currently serving.

When refugees first arrive, never having encountered American culture and lifestyle, our Cultural Sensitivity training becomes mandatory for most.  In this training we strive to provide a safe and open zone where we can welcome our families to American society and at the same time provide them with a better idea of the norms of their new environment.  We give them a glimpse of what they already have encountered, or what they will encounter as strange or foreign, and give them a chance to discuss first reactions and to have questions answered.

Other training programs that we offer include and are not limited to the following:

  • Personal hygiene and wellness seminars
  • Skill building process and techniques
  • Job search and placement preparation and transitioning
  • On-the-job work conduct
  • English as a Second Language