Delivering difficult news to our supporters does not get any easier, but it is nevertheless important. Last Saturday, April 7, #Douma experienced a devastating chemical attack. Douma is a town in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, a suburban region near Damascus. The attack was not the first devastating attack on civilians in Eastern Ghouta this year.

As of three days ago, the April 7 attack in Douma has killed at least 70 Syrians and has wounded an estimated 1000 (BBC). Victims exhibited symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals in a chemical attack.

We are often asked, What can we do to help Syrians?

  1. Call your political representatives. Tell them you are outraged that we have allowed yet another deadly (and internationally illegal) chemical attack to happen.
  2. Adopt/mentor a refugee family that has resettled in the U.S. Be there for refugees in your own community. Visit our website, and fill out the volunteer form.
  3. Donate to organizations helping Syrians who have fled the conflict.
We believe it is important that your support of Syrian refugees locally includes understanding and supporting Syrians experiencing dire circumstances abroad.
We encourage you to learn more about what is happening in Douma. Remind yourselves and those around you that although the violence may be upsetting, it is reality for many Syrians. Below are some sources that you may consult about the crisis in Douma:

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