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Why We Do What We Do

The Syrian Conflict has forced millions from their homes: determined to achieve a better life free from war, they have traveled great distances. With over six million registered refugees with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and another three million people internally displaced, Syria has been called the worst humanitarian crisis of our lifetime. Though safety and stability may come to those who have been welcomed into the United States, that feeling is quickly accompanied by anxiety and fear. After the trauma they have experienced, refugees are challenged with an overwhelming amount of emotions as they arrive. Not only were they forced to leave their homes and their belongings not knowing if they will ever return, but they are entering a foreign country that they must call home, where they don’t know the language or customs. Rather than having time to adjust to these significant changes, they must quickly find a way to earn a living in a system they do not know how to navigate. They often don’t know who to trust or turn to for help.

Friends at the Syrian Community Network want to fill this void that is created: the strange gap between the faraway place the refugees called home, and crossing the threshold of a completely new life here in America. To help in the transition, we team with resettlement agencies to supplement programming, offer translation skills, and educate case workers on the situation in Syria, its overall ethnic landscape, and the culture of its people.

Take a Stand
While many Syrians now live in the United States, many more are being denied the safe, stable lives we all deserve. Refugees from all countries are the most thoroughly vetted people to cross our borders, yet racism, Islamophobia, and isolationism are preventing America from delivering on the promise of freedom made by our Founding Fathers. The Syrian Community Network is exactly that: a community that believes everyone, regardless of where they are from, deserves to live in safety.

We can’t live out our mission without volunteers and donors. If you have ever thought about making a visible difference when the rights of so many are threatened, now is the time. We hope you will join us as we carry out this important work, because there is no time to lose. With millions displaced and more refugees fleeing their homes every day, we need you more than ever. Please consider filling out the volunteer form, or contact us directly to get involved.

SCN is blessed to work with its growing list of partners.

If you work for an agency that could benefit from partnering with SCN, or if you are an individual or part of a family that would like to take advantage of the transitional mentoring or other services offered by SCN, please contact us.